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Building a new home? Congratulations. You will want to ensure that what is probably your biggest asset is properly insulated from the start. We supply and install wall, ceiling and underfloor insulation for new homes in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, Papamoa, Te Puke and Bay of Plenty-wide.

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Insulation is a vital part of your new home and is worthy of the same care and consideration you give to the cladding, kitchen, and bathrooms. You have no way of knowing whether the new house insulation work is satisfactory unless you have approved the product and carefully checked the installation before lining.

Good installation is key

Provided you have selected a quality product, it is the installation of it that will enable the insulation to work effectively or not. Traditionally, apprentices using pre-cut product did the work. While many builders and housing companies use insulation installed by supply and install companies or installing labourers, the use of pre-cut insulation is still normal industry practice. This less than desirable method creates a number of issues when installing that must be carefully overcome to be effective.

It's not glamourous

New house insulation is usually at the bottom of the priority list. It is not a glamour product – rarely, if ever, seen again once the house is completed. While ineffective insulation may make a home unpleasant it won’t usually cause a dramatic crisis like the ‘leaky home’ scandal of recent years and as it is hidden away it won’t be glaringly obvious like poor quality kitchens or bathrooms.

If you are to future proof your home to ensure it achieves and maintains a desirable level of comfort long term it is vital your new house insulation product has longevity and that it is installed effectively.

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A note on plan

An architect or draughtsman will draw up the plans for your house. On the specification sheet and usually on the sectional drawings there will be a note about the type and the R-value of the insulation to be installed and perhaps the type. Sometimes the specifications will be very detailed and specific, for example “Ceiling insulation to be R2.9 Premier A Grade Brand glass wool, installed by The Insulation Company. No substitutes to be allowed”. Sometimes the specs may be somewhat vague, for example “Wall insulation to

comply with code”. Under regulations updated in 2008, every building needs to be assessed individually if it is to comply with the code. It is expected that the Architect or Draughtsperson will have calculated the required R-value of the new home insulation needed and noted this on the plans. Should no specific R-value requirement be noted on the plans then the building should be assessed accordingly to calculate this requirement. In many cases the R-value of the insulation material will need to be higher than the

overall value needed to compensate for the lower rating of the other materials in the construction. The Architect should be consulted for this requirement. If the insulation R-value requirement is given the same or less than the code requirement for that component, for example R2.0 for walls Area 2, then this should be checked with the Architect and if necessary against the BRANZ House Insulation Guide, Third Edition.

There is generally no requirement to follow the insulation TYPE noted on the plans unless issues like dampness are a concern.

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